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Poison Planet 'Oblivious' 7" EP

Image of Poison Planet 'Oblivious' 7" EP


Abrasive and uncompromising XVX hardcore punk from Chicago. Elements of bands like Youth of Today, Discharge, 86 Mentality, and The Repos fused together to create a pummeling combination. Members of this line-up went on to be in Noose and Manipulation. This 3rd pressing comes with full lyrics, explanations, and guitar tabs. 300 more copies on recycled black vinyl.

Track Listing
Eyes Wide Open
Faded Ideals

Bible Stories

1st press was 100 copies recycled colored vinyl.
2nd press was 300 copies recycled colored vinyl. (200 small hole/100 large hole due to an error at the pressing plant)
3rd press is 300 copies on recycled black vinyl.